Happy New Year! Wishing you success on your sustainability journey in 2019

by Jan 3, 2019

News of the Week

19 New Year’s resolutions for sustainability professionals in 2019 – edie.net

CSR is all about resolutions – committing to environmental goals to reduce emissions, to crack down on global warming and to reduce, recycle and reuse. These 19 sustainability-themed New Year’s resolutions are very ambitious – and they just may be what is needed to take sustainability and CSR to the next level.

Amazon’s sustainability story will receive closer scrutiny in 2019 – GreenBiz

Pressure is mounting for Amazon to commit to more stringent sustainability goals in 2019. At the behest of a group of Amazon employees and stockholders, Amazon may need to reconsider its lackluster sustainability performance and lay out a more precise plan for addressing climate change later this year. As sustainability becomes top of mind for many more stakeholders, companies across the board are finding it necessary to step up their resolutions and performance.

A Period of Change

Once upon a time, feminine hygiene was a topic simply not mentioned in polite society – and options were limited to an aisle of single-use products. Now, times are changing, and the options have grown. What once seemed like a segment of the consumer packaged goods industry impervious to change is now undergoing profound transformation. New, reusable choices are flooding the market – choices that are better for the environment and, in most cases, work better too. Fifty-nine percent of women have used or considered using them – what will that do to your business?

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