Why Shelton

Finding the right partner to share your ESG story with the world is crucial. You’ve asked us some specific questions (about developing new report structures, creative ways to present ESG materials and even our experience in securing images), and our simple answer is that story strategy drives everything.


At Shelton Group, we believe in the following:


Reports do not stand alone. Your ESG story is who you are; we want to help you tell it through strategic messaging embedded in all your communications. We’ll create your Communications Construct, aligning your internal stakeholders and communicators behind a single, consistent story. From there, we’ll help you share the good you’re doing with the people who want to hear it, and those who don’t yet know they do.

The Construct

Better, Delivered.


Building a culture of leaders who believe in diversity, inclusivity and winning


Providing a superior, high-quality pizza by using simple, clean ingredients


Taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment

The Report

The Construct

A Greater Degree of Good

Degrees of

Degrees of

Degrees of

The Report

The Construct

A Better Cricle

Climate Change


Caring for

The Report


A good report is your chance to own the conversation about your ESG efforts. Credibility, transparency and accountability will drive your content while creative imagery, inspired language and eye-catching layouts will bring your story to life.


Targeted videos will put your story in motion. Once the foundation of your story is in place, we can use dynamic videos to highlight your most compelling proof points and messages, all tied to the themes and visuals we’ve already established.


From there, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s online, in print, targeted outreach or broad appeals, we’ll use creative, innovative and imaginative tactics to get your story in front of the audiences that mean the most to you, with a focus on interactivity and a positive user experience. (Like we did for EDF’s climate solutions site shown in the video below.)

With our decades of experience creating breakthrough sustainability marketing and a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of reporting, Shelton Group will take your ESG story to the next level. We’ll build on our long-term working relationship with Maggie Kohn to bring your custom reporting framework together with best practices, narratives your audiences will love and beautiful imagery that amplifies your overarching story.