We’re pragmatists with a vision.

Here’s the future we see: every home and building in America is energy-responsible and sustainability is ordinary. If we achieve that vision, lots of wonderful things happen for our country, from conserving vital resources to bolstering national security and sparking the economy.
Our Story

A unique hybrid of creative agency and research shop, Shelton Group is the nation’s leading marketing communications firm focused exclusively on energy and the environment.

We work with clients who have programs, products and services that take all of us one step closer to our vision. You create the solution, we help you gain market share. Simple as that.

And as complicated as that. That’s why we’re strategists, statisticians, creatives and students of behavioral science. We’re dogged in the pursuit of why, so what and what if. We do our own proprietary polling year-round, probing deeply into the American mindset and peeling back the layers of the market onion. The result is creative engagement campaigns that help you shape the market, achieve your goals, and create a future we’d all like to live in.

Our passionate, talented, determined leadership team will be with you every step of the way.

suzanne shelton, shelton group

Suzanne Shelton

President and CEO

glen l vesser iii, shelton group

Glen L. Vesser III

VP Finance and Administration

lee ann head, shelton group

Lee Ann Head

VP Research & Insight

matt brass, shelton group

Matt Brass

Creative Director

penny kemp, shelton group

Penny Kemp

VP Account Management

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