It’s the end of business as usual for energy marketing.

So make sure you’ve got an unusually good strategy.

Americans are growing increasingly apathetic about their utility companies. And they’re growing increasingly fond of solar, especially when it comes with no-cash-down options and predictable monthly fees. Throw in a broad array of new green technologies and some nearly irresistible bundled offerings, and poof! The balance of power in the energy sector has suddenly shifted, and in a big way.

If you’re a utility, how do you reclaim customer relationships and stay relevant (and financially viable)? If you’re a renewable energy company, an ESCO serving the commercial market or a company with technology that plays into the connected home or distributed generation environment, how do you best take advantage of the emerging opportunities?

Just ask us.

These are exactly the questions we’re answering for our clients – so we can provide the insights, strategies and market engagement programs necessary for success.

Make no mistake – navigating the new energy era successfully isn’t for generalists or firms that have only casual experience in the energy arena. This is deep stuff that requires years of practice. We’ve been working in this sector since 1997, and this is where we hang our hats. You can count on us to have the most informed point of view and the most actionable ideas for your organization.

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Shelton Group is a great partner, always full of good ideas and innovative solutions. They have a firm grasp on the consumer mindset and what pushes people to take action in the energy efficiency space, which adds even more depth to the solutions we offer our clients.



  • Mike Mernick
  • Senior Vice President
  • Energy Efficiency Division Lead
  • ICF
I feel that Shelton Group took the time to get to know who we are, and the work shows how invested they are in us, our community, and the message we wish to convey. There would be no hesitation to call on Shelton Group again for future needs, and I would recommend them to anyone else who has a story to share.



  • Allen Robbins
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Sevier County Electric System
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We’ve helped utilities, renewable energy companies, and innovators in the energy game build their brands, boost satisfaction scores and connect meaningfully with their customers.
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