Selling energy efficiency can be tough.

But we know exactly how to do it.

Believe it or not, Americans actually feel a huge sense of personal responsibility for conserving energy and water. The problem is, they’re not doing much about it – because they don’t know what to do, because they did something and didn’t see results, or because they’d rather spend their hard-earned cash on granite countertops than an unsexy roll of extra insulation.

So if you’re marketing an energy efficiency program, a product that conserves energy or water, or a service that improves air quality, you’re facing an apathetic, if not angry, market. (Tough crowd.)

Enter Shelton Group.

Thanks to years of research and hands-on experience, we understand the deeper emotional drivers that actually get people to conserve, and we know how to connect with those drivers in meaningful ways. We can reach your toughest audience and get results.

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We’ve created successful solutions – from far-reaching ad campaigns to targeted software applications – for these clients and others like them:
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We’ve helped sell energy-efficient and water-conserving products, driven efficiency program enrollment and participation, and changed consumer behavior related to efficiency and conservation.
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