Committed to corporate sustainability? Cool.

Leveraging that commitment in the marketplace? Much cooler.

To do that effectively, you have to understand the mindset of the American consumer. Our research shows that Americans want the companies they buy from to be environmentally responsible – but they don’t all agree on the definition of “sustainability,” or even necessarily understand what it means.

That means you need to define sustainability clearly and on your own terms – and we can help you do that.

Your definition should align with 1) what the market cares about, 2) what your brand stands for and 3) what your internal culture will embrace. That’s exactly the approach we take at Shelton Group, and we make sure the communications strategies we create weave all three things together. And we always craft market engagement programs through the lens of behavioral science, understanding we are actually asking people to change a few behaviors – if not entire paradigms.

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It’s nice to know that whenever I need insight on a challenge I’m facing – or if I just want to bounce an idea around – I can pick up the phone and call Suzanne, Lee Ann or Penny. They’re always incredibly helpful, and they have great ideas.

  • Rob Zimmerman
  • Senior Channel Manager – Sustainability
  • Kohler Co.
We’ve helped these clients define their stories in a high-impact way and then leverage those stories in the marketplace for a competitive advantage:
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We’ve helped manufacturers and leading product brands tell their sustainability stories in a way that establishes a position of leadership, sets the tone for company culture and paves the way for lasting customer loyalty.
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