Should you talk about climate change to get Americans to save energy?

Energy Pulse™ 2016 Special Report: Playing the Planet Card
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Energy Pulse 2016 Special Report: Playing the Planet Card.

Americans aren’t saving much energy at home – and they’ve grown deaf to promises of saving money. If we’re going to keep making progress toward energy efficiency, marketers need to appeal to an emotional driver that really works. Could that driver be concern for the health of the planet?

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All Wet? Eco Pulse 2016 Special Report

There’s a global water crisis on the way – do consumers know? Will it move them to act? And will they reward brands that conserve water with their loyalty? We asked more than 2,000 American and Canadian consumers to tell us what they know about water conservation – and weigh in on their beliefs, perceptions and concerns about using water wisely.

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A B2B Sustainability Field Guide

Shelton Group’s 10+ years of polling have shown that green product features and corporate sustainability initiatives have become increasingly important criteria for consumers as they make product purchase decisions. But is the same true for business decision makers?

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What the Community Solar Customer Wants

What will it take to make solar power accessible for everyday Americans? Our new special report will give you the data and insights you need to market community solar successfully.

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Green Buzzwords in the Built Environment: The Online Search Edition

Are Americans searching for the green building buzzwords you’re using – and which words are performing the best? Find out which green building buzzwords consumers are searching for online.

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Green Buzzwords: The Online Search Edition

Our recent report The Buzz on Buzzwords established which green buzzwords were effective in communicating with consumers and which fell flat. Now, we’re taking that data one step further with a new special report on green SEO.

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Smart Home Strategies for Utilities

The energy landscape is changing, and utilities are retooling old business models to include more products and services. Our research shows that now is the time to act – and we’ve got five compelling reasons why.

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The Smart Home Gender Gap

The smart home technology market is a sleeping giant – and no one’s sure exactly when it will awaken. See what our research shows about the smart home gender gap: what it is and how to bridge it.

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The Buzz on Buzzwords

For our Eco Pulse™ 2015 special report The Buzz on Buzzwords, we tested 11 popular green buzzwords to find out what consumers really know, what they think they know and how these words make them feel.

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What Utility Customers Want

Renewable energy, technological advances and growing customer expectations are changing the utility industry landscape. This complimentary report provides a foundation from which you can develop effective marketing strategies and communications efforts.

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Leveraging the Green Building Trend

The landscape of the building products marketplace has changed, and this complimentary report presents research results and industry insights that demonstrate how you can leverage your sustainability story.

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B2B Pulse 2016

An in-depth analysis of the obstacles, motivators and drivers faced by today’s decision-makers within a variety of business segments.

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Eco Pulse 2016

A deep dive illuminating the true market potential for green products and the messaging required to get them chosen at shelf.

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Energy Pulse 2016

An in-depth review of American environmental and energy consumption attitudes and beliefs – with particular emphasis on the information gaps that are inhibiting action and new messaging to encourage energy-efficient home improvements.

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