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The market for building products is changing. Whether your target is consumers or B2B, you have to know what your buyers care about, and you have to know that what they care about today may not be the same thing they cared about a couple of years ago or what they’ll care about a couple of years down the road.

Do they care about sustainability? Do they care about certifications? Do they understand the terminology you use? How much do those things affect their purchasing, and how can you make your sustainability story work for you?

Shelton Group has the answers.

Incorporating a product’s sustainability features into its marketing can help build your brand, inspire brand loyalty and lead to a nice bump in sales. The trouble is, knowing how to do that is tricky. It’s nuanced. It’s our specialty.

We know how to make the most of your sustainability efforts. We understand what motivates your buyers and what turns them off. And we know how to capitalize on that knowledge and turn it into a competitive edge.

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From manufacturers and trade organizations to certifying and government agencies, we support clients from all facets of the built environment. Here are just a few of the outstanding organizations we’ve helped.
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