Knowledge of your market is power in the marketplace.

What do you want to know? What do you need to know?

Our industry-leading research team, led by Research VP Lee Ann Head, can uncover the insights critical to your success. We’ll peek inside the minds of your target audience to discover what’s most relevant about their attitudes and behaviors. We’ll design, execute and interpret studies to give you the strategic answers that help us position your organization for success.

Since 2005, our renowned annual Pulse™ studies have formed the foundation of our understanding of consumer and business decision-maker attitudes and behaviors. They’re packed with information valuable to businesses across a spectrum of industries – and they provide a solid springboard for the design of customized research. We can quickly zero in on your specific market and customer base to identify your best prospects, discover what matters to them, and identify the products, services and messages that will resonate.

Custom Research

Secondary research

We stay abreast of energy and sustainability-related issues and trends like no other firm. We can mine years of our own Pulse data plus access a wealth of other industry studies and secondary information sources. We’ve bridge-modeled our energy and sustainability segments to MRI and can pull specific data relevant to almost any target. Services include industry and competitive analysis, issue spotting, trend tracking, social media auditing and product launch tracking.

Qualitative research

We offer one-on-one interviewing, ethnographies, and group discussions (online, telephone and in-person), providing facility and panel selection, recruit management, list purchase and development, discussion guide development, AV aids, moderating, analysis, and report prep and presentation.

Quantitative research

We conduct online and telephone surveys of respondents for statistically representative results. Services include survey design, sample procurement, invitation design and management, quota tracking, online programming and hosting, call center selection and tracking, data collection and tabulation, analysis, and report prep and presentation.

Types of Studies Available:

Attitudinal, behavior/usage propensities, audience profiling and segmentation, benchmarking, campaign tracking, satisfaction, value proposition, program development, concept testing, issue testing, market sizing/propensity, message testing, brand positioning, product design, trend tracking, employee engagement

We’ve reached out to Shelton Group for insights and research before heading into important meetings with major retailers. Going in well-informed with hard data about what their customers want gives us an edge.

  • Tony Morakis
  • Senior Marketing Director – Shared Brand Building Services
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • North American Consumer Business

We’ve found answers for some of the best-known names in business:

Pulse Studies

We track the trends that matter.

You want data? We’ve got what you need – more than a decade’s worth of consumer insights, plus the wisdom we’ve acquired from hundreds of successful client engagements. From deep dives on sustainability and energy efficiency topics to insights on specific consumer segments, our intelligence reports give you data that’s specific and actionable.

B2B Pulse

An in-depth analysis of the obstacles, motivators and drivers faced by today’s decision-makers within a variety of business segments

Eco Pulse

A deep dive illuminating the true market potential for green products and the messaging required to get them chosen at shelf

Energy Pulse

An in-depth review of American environmental and energy consumption attitudes and beliefs – with particular emphasis on the information gaps that are inhibiting action and new messaging to encourage energy-efficient home improvements

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