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Market Engagement

Sustainability communication is about winning the hearts and minds of customers and consumers. To do that, the best sustainability communications platforms must align the brand promise, company culture and market care-abouts to create attitude and behavior change.

And we do that through our proprietary Define•Leverage process. We start by gaining a clear understanding of objectives, barriers and opportunities, and then we build an insight/behavior change model that will inform our messaging. With that in place, we develop the following:

  • Strategy – Our clients usually know what results they want to achieve or what they want to communicate, but might not always see the way forward. It’s our job to help you find a clear path. We’ll ask questions – and challenge you – in order to define your goals and form a solid plan that will ultimately drive value in one form or another. Our recommendations – designed with your overall business strategy and a creative concept in mind – will help move your target audience from awareness to action.
  • Creative – Whether through owned, earned or paid media, we’ll bring the strategy to life through words, pictures and distinctive ideas that make your target audience the central focus. From branded events to blogs, media placement to proprietary apps, we’ll use whatever medium or platform will best engage your audience, create buzz and compel them to make a change.
  • Marketing plans – We look at engagement holistically, working in tandem with all of the other parts. With that in mind, we’ll integrate strategic elements into every facet of the work we do to bring the strategy to life – and allow you to envision all of the possibilities and positive outcomes through tactics and deliverables.
  • Deliverables – These include immersion sessions, custom research studies, behavior change workshops, creative concepts, action plans (including multi-year planning), creative deliverables (from web sites and apps to ads and PR) and ongoing support and consultation.