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Employee Engagement

The most effective sustainability platforms and campaigns are aligned with and woven into the corporate culture. Without employee buy-in, many internal sustainability initiatives fall short. Shelton Group is unrivaled in determining how individuals think about sustainability and translating those insights into actionable employee engagement programs.

Our proprietary Inside Out process is a holistic communications effort that integrates sustainability into the daily work, work environment and leadership philosophy of a company to generate both individual change and corporate action.

Here’s more about our process, including how we can help you align your public sustainability goals with internal behaviors and attitudes.

Inside Out at a Glance:

  • We’ll start by gaining a clear understanding of the objectives, barriers and opportunities for a successful internal engagement program before going into the field. We’ll use our customized survey tool to compare your organization’s employees to national segmentation, and conduct proprietary research that puts us on the road to understanding employee motivations, drivers, barriers and values. From there, we’ll build an insight/behavior change model that will inform our messaging.
  • With a behavior change model in place, we’ll develop a complete communications plan that includes strategies, tactics, an engagement map and creative concepts. We’ll also craft compelling messaging that aligns with employee beliefs and speaks to their concerns. Finally, we’ll execute and roll out the internal campaign and provide training. Which leads us to …
  • Deliverables, which include (but aren’t limited to) a one-day immersion session, custom research study, behavior change workshop, creative concepts and execution, action plan (including multi-year planning) and ongoing support and consultation.