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Coalition Campaigns

We use our proprietary Pulse studies to identify the next hot trends and topics that we can affect through behavior change, such as increasing recycling rates and reducing food waste or water waste. And we bring like-minded clients together to create consumer behavior change on those issues – creating a win for consumers and the brands.

Our coalition campaign, Wasting Water is Weird, successfully brought together Bosch, Kohler, Lowe’s and Procter & Gamble to pool resources around the issue of water conservation. Instead of telling consumers to simply save water or scaring them with dire statistics, we designed TV spots, outdoor and online advertising, a campaign website and social media activity to wake consumers up to their automatic behaviors of wasting water – and we did so in a humorous way. The results speak for themselves: 29% of the people who saw the campaign said they would be moved to change their water usage behaviors.

Check out one of the spots we created for this coalition campaign:

Watch the rest on the campaign website.

We’ve already identified the next issues on the horizon. If you want to take part in driving positive consumer change on big sustainability topics, we’d love to have you join in.