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What We Do

We get it.

Every day, you face the challenge of creating engagement around sustainability or energy efficiency among employees, consumers or customers, who often aren’t dying to be engaged – at least on the surface. The market does care about many of the end benefits of sustainability and energy efficiency – comfort, health, peace of mind, controlling costs – but it’s tricky to communicate those benefits in a meaningful way, particularly if you’re trying to do it without the internal commitment and support (i.e., budget) you need.

We actually see your challenges as opportunities because we’ve created solutions for clients in your shoes many times in the last decade. Because we’ve been exclusively focused on energy efficiency and sustainability marketing since 2001, we can help you overcome your challenges through perspective, knowledge and smart solutions that drive action. In other words, we can help you define and leverage your story to gain a sustainable advantage.

Here’s how we do it:

Intelligence and insights – We track market perceptions about energy efficiency and sustainability every quarter and package the insights we gain to help companies and marketers both large and small.

Employee engagement – Our proprietary Inside Out approach can help create consensus, internal excitement and behavior change within your organization.

Market engagement – We develop communication platforms that align with your culture, brand and market and implement effective strategies that influence brand perception, create loyalty and impact sales.

Coalition campaigns – Within the marketplace, we often see perception problems around a sustainability issue, so we bring multiple brands together to create attitude and behavior change, positioning those brands as problem-solvers and leaders in the sustainability space.

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