Yale: Evolving Efficiency

The Challenge

Yale, a leading lift truck manufacturer, had its eye on a new opportunity: establishing itself over automated materials handling systems as the most efficient solution for running a warehouse – in terms of energy, operations, storage and cost. They sought Shelton Group’s help to build this four-pronged efficiency story into a real competitive edge, beginning with a booth at RILA’s Retail Sustainability Conference.

The Insight

Popular new players in Yale’s industry were focusing their efforts on automated systems. Yale’s solutions, on the other hand, put people in the driver’s seat – their team worked with warehouse operators and employees to make the most of every inch, every dollar, and every battery or tank of fuel. Customers needed to know they weren’t just getting state-of-the-art machinery, but flexible, efficient solutions for their ever-changing needs.

The Solution

We laid the foundation for conference talking points and future marketing tools with “Evolving Efficiency.” Aimed at business-savvy warehouse operators, this messaging platform hit all the practical, bottom-line benefits of Yale’s approach to efficiency.

We brought “Evolving Efficiency” to life in an animated video and dedicated page for Yale’s website. The video drove home the flexible, forward thinking that goes into Yale’s trucks and strategies – and what that means for operations. We created a set of interactive icons to live below the video and serve up all the details of Yale’s story.

Web Video



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