Toshiba: Ready for Work

The Challenge

Toshiba International Corporation had new LED products to offer, but how could they make a splash in the sea of well-established lighting brands? In 2010, they asked Shelton Group to help them form a clear position for their brand in the marketplace. Our first step was industry research – to learn how the competition was already talking about their products and how the market was responding.

The Insight

The majority of Toshiba’s competitors, we found, were setting up LED lighting as the technology of the future. This message was rubbing architects, facility managers and other commercial customers the wrong way: they still hesitated to use LED lighting today. They worried about its light quality, cost and whether it could be used in a variety of projects.

The Solution

How better to address the market’s concern than to tell them Toshiba LED lighting was “ready for work”? Our “Ready for Work” campaign was calculated to make a bold impression while reinforcing what Toshiba was most known for – reliable products that work today. And of course, we supplied commercial customers with plenty of product stats to satisfy their skepticism.

Here’s one way a bold impression helped Toshiba stand out in the crowd: we kicked off Toshiba’s presence at LightFair 2012 (an elite industry tradeshow) by inviting a select group of attendees on two unforgettable rides – executive car service at the event and a private helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. The unique offers created quite a buzz at the show, with participants stopping by the booth to thank Toshiba in person and learn about their more typical offering – LED lighting.

In addition to trade show booths, supporting events and PR, our campaign included a mix of print and digital elements, plus sales tools like new product literature for independent sales agents. We regularly created and implemented …

  • Case studies profiling Toshiba customers’ successful LED lighting projects
  • Product spec sheets
  • “Ready for What’s Next” HTML newsletter
  • Microsites dedicated to new products

We also headed up trade media relations. Among other high-profile placements, we landed a giant photo of Toshiba’s latest bulb on the front cover of Architectural Lighting’s 2012 product issue.


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