Sevier County Electric System: Connecting Our Communities

The Challenge

Sevier County Electric System, a public utility serving the gateway of the Great Smoky Mountains, wanted to bring its 75th anniversary celebrations to life with a centerpiece for events and communications. So Shelton Group traveled up the mountain roads and SCES introduced us to its community – a once isolated smattering of farms, now a vacation hotspot that hasn’t forgotten its roots.

The Insight

As we started to dig into SCES history, talking with its leaders and paging through old news clippings, we struck gold: SCES has such deep cultural ties with the greater Sevier County community, we couldn’t tell its story without telling the community’s story.

The Solution

Since the history and values of SCES can’t be untwined from the history of its people – its customers, linemen and leadership – we made them the stars of a complementary video and booklet. We asked them to narrate the story of what SCES has accomplished with and in the community over 75 years. By interviewing them, we showed all SCES stakeholders they have reason to wholeheartedly celebrate the 75th anniversary of this integral part of their community, one that has made life as they know it possible, and one that’s still being guided by their own needs.

The Reaction

“For Sevier County Electric System’s 75th anniversary, we wanted to do something really special to show how SCES and the community have grown, together, through the years. … Shelton Group really took a deep interest in telling our story and making sure that not just SCES, but the entire community was presented in an accurate and impactful way.

Most importantly, I feel that Shelton Group took the time to get to know who we are, and the work shows how invested they are in us, our community and the message we wish to convey. There would be no hesitation to call on Shelton Group again for future needs, and I would recommend them to anyone else who has a story to share.”

Allen Robbins
Sevier County Electric System

Web Video

Anniversary Booklet


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