PECO: With ENERGY STAR, You Get It All


The Challenge

PECO, a Philadelphia-area utility, offers rebates and resources for building ENERGY STAR® certified homes, so they wanted to drum up builders’ interest in their program … and consumers’ demand for certified homes. Shelton Group stepped in to motivate consumers and builders alike to rely on PECO as a trusted source for energy-efficient building practices and information.

The Insight

We had a window into ENERGY STAR homebuyers’ values thanks to our research. They’re a a sophisticated group – they want quality. ENERGY STAR certification ensures the homebuyer that she’s getting a home that’s quality-built, no matter how she defines “quality.”

To sway supply AND demand, we knew we’d have to vividly illustrate the benefits of ENERGY STAR (and working with PECO) and break down the “how” for both groups into a set of simple, easy-to-navigate Web pages.

The Solution

PECO now removes a lot of the guesswork for prospective homebuyers by introducing them to ENERGY STAR in an online video and newly revamped, enhanced Web pages that separate out information for builders and for buyers. We created the video, which lives on the landing page, to engage and educate consumers about the value – phsyical, monetary and emotional – of ENERGY STAR certified home, prompting them to learn more about the benefits from PECO and ultimately connect with an ENERGY STAR builder partner.

Our video made waves inside and outside PECO’s territory – as part of PECO’s new efforts to promote ENERGY STAR certified homes, it helped them win 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for Energy Efficiency Program Delivery. Award ceremony attendees were treated to special viewing.

Partner of the Year

ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year awarded to PECO





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