Grainger: Done Right

The Challenge

Grainger’s internal sustainability programs needed a makeover. The company wanted employees to be on board with its sustainability efforts, but many employees didn’t know Grainger had given them ways to participate. The ones who did know found the programs and dedicated intranet site uninspiring – they were missing the connection between sustainability and their daily work.

Shelton Group’s goal was to make sustainability personal to Grainger’s employees – to help them understand their company’s sustainability efforts so they would start making their own in the workplace.

The Insight

We sent out surveys and set up interviews with employees to uncover what would inspire them. A strong environmental message, we realized, would be a turn off. On the other hand, we heard over and over how Grainger emphasized doing things once and doing them right, and the pride employees took in their work came through loud and clear. As did our key insight: by carrying out Grainger’s everyday core values, employees were actually helping Grainger run more efficiently and sustainably. We just needed to connect the dots.

The Solution

We created our “Done Right” campaign to show employees that sustainability is simply doing business the right way – so they’re on the ground floor of Grainger’s sustainability commitment. The campaign language echoed Grainger’s tagline, “For the ones who get it done.” We wanted to illustrate dedication and strength – the elbow grease workers put in to do things right – so we took Rosie the Riveter as our design inspiration for posters, table tents and the newly renovated intranet site.

The intranet site spoke employees’ language – no more vague definitions and concepts, but practical tools and our new definition of sustainability. In the first month, the site hosted twenty times the number of visits to the old site over six months, and it continued to attract a steady flow over time.

The campaign’s launch caused such a buzz that our posters were put up in Grainger distribution centers across the U.S. – not just in offices or hallways, but in warehouses and on shop floors, where the heart of Grainger’s business takes place.

Soon afterward, we drummed up excitement for Grainger’s new Green Ambassadors program and prepared employees to become leaders in their local facilities. We supplied them with tabletop sustainability checklists and energy efficiency tips, program collateral, and an animated video that gave employees an inside look at what it means to lead the charge into sustainability.

20x more

visits to the new intranet site than the old one

Green Ambassador Video


Light switch

Tent cards


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