The Challenge

CertainTeed Insulation had been funneling their marketing dollars into print advertising aimed at sales channels. When they decided to build brand awareness and preference among consumer audiences for their SMARTBATT™ insulation and MemBrain™ smart vapor retarder, they called on Shelton Group to help them develop effective strategies and tactics.

Before we could introduce consumers to CertainTeed Insulation, we had to give them a good reason to think about insulation generally. After all, when consumers dream about remodeling their home or building their dream home, they’re absorbed in details like granite countertops and hardwood floors – not the inner workings like insulation.

The challenge, then, was to spur consumers to actively think about a product they take for granted – and then show them why CertainTeed is a must-have for their homes’ needs.

The Insight

We determined our best target audiences were seeking out info, ideas and products for home building and renovation online before making purchase decisions – and so a multi-faceted digital campaign held huge potential to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right messages.

And what would those messages be about? While folks forget the insulation hidden inside their walls, it’s really an unsung hero that fulfills all sorts of deeply held desires (ones we plumb every year in our research): comfort, quality, and, in the case of CertainTeed’s key products, better indoor air quality and health via mold prevention.

The Solution

Our digital strategy for the SMARTBATT and MemBrain campaigns combined three types of targeting mechanisms to achieve the best results:

  • Contextual targeting allowed us to place ads in front of people who were researching home and renovation content (like HGTV and other home-related websites).
  • Behavioral targeting allowed us to place ads in front of people who were actively searching for products and services related to home renovation, including stainless steel appliances, light fixtures, paint colors and countertops.
  • Retargeting allowed us to place ads in front of people who had previously visited the brand’s website, reinforcing top-of-mind awareness.

Display, PPC and pre-roll ads, plus targeted emails and sponsored content, caught audiences’ attention by connecting the dots between insulation and their desires for comfort and health.

These materials directed people to the appropriate landing page on a microsite designed to hook the audience with benefits of SMARTBATT and MemBrain while also exposing them to CertainTeed’s larger brand story. The microsite also provided visitors a way to easily connect with a builder or contractor in their area who installs CertainTeed products.

We tracked results and optimized the campaigns as we learned which channels and specific messages resonated most with target audiences. For instance, mobile ads performed so well that we increased the percentage of mobile ads in our mix.

We generated nearly 20,000,000 impressions and over 74,000 clicks to CertainTeed Web pages, all for less than half of the cost of one small advertisement in some leading home renovation magazines (a savings of over 1,400% in terms of CPM – cost per thousand impressions). Additionally, the campaign’s click-through rate has exceeded Google industry benchmarks for display advertising by over 500%.


over Google industry benchmarks for click-through rates


Pre-roll video completion rate (vs. average of 59%)

Clicks to the CertainTeed website

Pre-Roll Video

Residential Insulation Catalog

Web Banner Ads

Microsite: MyCertainTeedInsulation.com


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