Baltimore Gas and Electric: The Language of Efficiency

The Challenge

Baltimore Gas and Electric needed to meet new statewide energy savings goals. Their customers, however, weren’t jumping at the chance to make their homes more efficient – and so they weren’t taking advantage of the utility’s efficiency programs. BGE asked Shelton Group to find out why and then help boost participation in its Smart Energy Savers Program.

The Insight

We talked with BGE customers to dig into that “why.” Some of them had attempted efficiency improvements in the past, but they hadn’t seen lower bills afterward. Overall, they ignored their efficiency problems because they didn’t trust themselves to choose the right improvements – the ones that would give them enough bang for their buck.

Here was our shot at changing their perspective: giving them simple, prescriptive tips in a light-hearted way would simplify what they saw as an overwhelming chore. They’d feel empowered to take control of their energy use and make a difference in their bills.

The Solution

We decided to deliver our message to BGE customers through the mouth of an unexpected star – a household appliance, left running while its owner was away from home. What would your appliances tell you if they could speak? Ours gave customers a rundown on how to save energy. Now, customers couldn’t ignore their energy use … but there was no reason to feel overwhelmed, either.

The ads focused on specific improvements or actions, like Quick Home Energy Checkups, that would help customers feel in control (and help BGE meet its goal). The ads then drove customers to the BGE Smart Energy Savers website for more information on the program.

Total website visits grew by 80% during the campaign, and we reached or exceeded goals for ENERGY STAR certified appliance sales, refrigerator/freezer recycling, and Quick Home Energy Checkups.


increase in website traffic

TV Commercials

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