BASF: Amazing Inside

The Challenge

Anchored in building science, the BASF Center for Building Excellence consults with builders to help them construct more sustainable, high-performance homes – affordably. This could be a big point of differentiation for builders operating in competitive, low-margin markets, but many builders and homebuyers alike assume high-performance homes are too expensive to even think about.

BASF asked Shelton Group to help them break into key markets by educating builders about their BEYOND.High Performance approach and developing advertising builders could use to promote these homes to consumers.

The Insight

Homebuyers, we knew, would go a little cross-eyed at talk of improved building envelopes and increased thermal performance – the features of high-performance homes. What they really wanted, and wanted to hear about, were the ultimate benefits: more comfort, lower energy costs and increased durability. In short, fewer worries and greater well-being.

Builders themselves needed some similar assurance of benefits from BASF – they needed to know that building homes beyond high performance would be a profitable, worthwhile endeavor.

The Solution

Rather than bore homebuyers with technical building science jargon, our consumer-facing creative – “Amazing Inside” – focused on the living experience inside the home and the peace of mind that comes with choosing a more efficient, durable and comfortable home.

We also developed collateral and trade show materials encouraging builders to tour the BEYOND.High Performance demonstration home from BASF and learn more about this approach. Overall, trade show traffic increased significantly compared to the prior year, and when the BASF Center for Building Excellence debuted at the International Builders’ Show, traffic exceeded goals.

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