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Utility Pulse™ 2013


Product Description

This year’s Utility Pulse measured consumer behavior (including energy-efficient project completion rates), consumer perception of energy-efficient product incentives and other utility DSM programs, and overall engagement to learn:

  • Why purchases of energy-efficient products continue to decline
  • Why the consumers most likely to benefit from rebates and incentives are the least likely to participate (and are also most likely to be dissatisfied)
  • Why many who’ve completed an energy-saving activity haven’t seen results, and who they blame for their disappointment
  • How consumers prefer to interact with their utilities
  • Consumer interest in time-of-use billing, load management and energy management systems

Download the 2013 Utility Pulse Release

Learn new ways to increase energy-efficient purchasing, influence customer perceptions, spur behavior change and engage them more fully. Buy our report to discover:

  • How behavior modification + bill reductions = greater customer satisfaction
  • How to awaken consumers and offer prescriptive information on what to do and what to expect
  • Why utilities and energy-efficient product manufacturers and retailers need to start thinking outside the box to create a better customer experience
  • Why the old ways of communicating just won’t work in our instant gratification society – and why it’s essential to embrace technology

Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive:

  • A 120-slide presentation full of the latest insights and trends, featuring in-depth conclusions and recommendations
  • Over 60 graphs
  • Cross tabulations by eight key demographic variables, including Shelton’s energy segmentation

For a sneak peek, check out the following slides from the presentation.

Utility Pulse 2013 – Slide 24  |   Utility Pulse 2013 – Slide 36

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