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Eco Pulse™ 2013


Product Description

Eco Pulse: Connecting the dots between today’s best consumers and your best brand story.

Are you ready to be enlightened and empowered?

Shelton Group’s sixth annual Eco Pulse™ study goes deep into the hearts and minds of consumers to reveal their true perceptions and purchasing actions related to sustainability in a range of categories – including food, skin care, home improvement products, utilities and others.

We asked specific questions. We asked subtle questions. And we got answers. The resulting 380 pages add up to a clearer, more well-rounded picture of consumers today. A picture that can help you develop successful strategies for all your sustainability efforts.

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What’s going on in there?
Get inside the heads of green consumers with us. The Eco Pulse study unveils some fascinating intel:

  • Who’s the most profitable, loyal, influential target audience out there? We call them Brand Huggers. We share why they aren’t just the Tree Huggers you think they are – and why that’s good news for your brand.
  • Your sustainability story is the most vital marketing tool you’ve got.
  • Collaborative consumption and reuse have some surprising barriers, but the study reveals ways you can still make strides toward these important initiatives.

Plus, find out:

  • If organizing green products into a special store section actually facilitates or limits sales
  • The three biggest things companies should be doing to positively impact consumer purchase choices
  • Whether consumers realize what products affect their homes’ indoor air quality
  • Which emerging concerns about GMOs and other product-content issues may affect you

Sample pages. Peruse a few pages of the report, then download your complete copy.
Eco Pulse 2013 – Page 20    Eco Pulse 2013 – Page 45

Invigorate your sustainability efforts. Eco Pulse 2013 offers valuable insider knowledge and trends that can keep your brand ahead of the curve. Now’s your chance to:

  • Identify opportunities for capturing consumer loyalty
  • Understand which drivers and messaging resonate best
  • Create a competitive advantage for your brand
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