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B2B Pulse™ 2013


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The Must-Have Field Guide to Leveraging Sustainability in the B2B World

Introducing B2B Pulse™ 2013, Shelton Group’s first-ever national survey of U.S. business decision makers and how sustainability affects what they buy.

Our study examines a variety of sectors (manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality and others), plus a variety of decision makers (facility and purchasing managers, CFOs, owners, etc.), to answer key questions like:

  • How important is sustainability to the decision makers themselves? Their companies? Their customers?
  • What are the primary initiatives, priorities, purchase drivers and obstacles?
  • Are corporate sustainability reports the best way to determine which initiatives drive corporate purchasing decisions?
  • When do title, region, size and sector make a difference?

Eye of the beholder.
The study highlights some interesting differences in viewpoints:

  • The decision maker’s personal bias has as much (if not more) impact on purchases as the company’s official sustainability goals.
  • CIOs and CEOs don’t always see eye-to-eye on sustainability initiatives. Same with facility managers and CFOs.
  • Energy and cost savings are the biggest decision drivers – but there are interesting differences by sector and decision maker title/role.
    • For example, issues like product content and corporate social responsibility hold more sway over decisions than you might think.
  • The best business case for sustainability and ROI is not the same in every industry.

Turn knowledge into power.
B2B Pulse™ 2013 gives you the perspective you need to inform product development and leverage your company’s sustainability story in the B2B space. We even give you a full “sustainability profile” for each sector and each decision maker audience, so you can craft your story specifically to your target.

Plus, this much anticipated report helps you:

  • Know which sustainable features are the best purchase drivers.
  • Prioritize sectors based on how engaged they are with sustainability.
  • Discern what to include in your sustainability story for a competitive advantage.

Packed with practical value.
Specifically, you’re getting a thorough B2B sustainability playbook:

  • A 160-slide deck full of intel
  • Enlightening narrative that unpacks the data
  • An additional 200+ pages of profile tables and cross-tabs

Preview it.
To dive right into the report, here are a few sample pages:
B2B Pulse preview page 21
B2B Pulse preview page 22
B2B Pulse preview page 25

Own it.
Purchase your complete copy and be miles ahead of your competition.

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