Are Americans searching for the green building buzzwords you’re using – and which words are performing the best?
Green Buzzwords in the Built Environment: The Online Search Edition

Our recent report The Buzz on Buzzwords established which green buzzwords were effective in communicating with consumers and which fell flat. Now, we’re taking that data one step further with a new special report on green SEO in the built environment. Which green building buzzwords are consumers searching for online, and what are the takeaways for your digital keyword strategy?

We’ll show you how our “Big 3” buzzwords – green, sustainable and eco-friendly – perform in search, plus a list of 11 keywords specific to the building industry.

You’ll learn

  • Why “green” is a winning word to use in your online sustainability story
  • Who’s searching for “sustainability”
  • Which parts of the country love “eco-friendly”
  • Which product-related buzzwords perform best online – and worst

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