Should you talk about climate change to get Americans to save energy?

Energy Pulse™ Special Report: Playing the Planet Card
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Home energy efficiency is at a standstill.

Our latest survey of 2,000+ Americans shows some of the lowest numbers we’ve ever seen for energy conservation activities and energy-efficient improvements at home. One thing is clear: tired old savings messaging isn’t working. We need a strong emotional driver to motivate Americans to act – and it may be time for a totally new approach.

So is it finally time to talk about the environment?

We used to tell our clients that talking about climate change was off the table – too polarizing. But our Pulse research is showing us some surprising trends: beneath Americans’ obvious political divisions, belief in human-caused climate change, and in the power of personal conservation to make a difference, has become fully mainstream. For that and other reasons, we’re officially putting the environment back on the table – don’t miss our recommendations (and caveats).

In this report:

  • Why savings messaging has led us down the wrong path
  • What Americans really believe about environmental hot-button issues
  • Why the environment makes a better energy efficiency play than saving money
  • What neuroscience tells us about how people may react to climate change messaging
  • What tone and content to aim for with environmental messaging
  • How Americans would vote if energy and environment were the only issues on the table
  • How the red-state-blue-state divide plays out – can you make a case for the environment no matter where your target audience lives?

of consumers believe climate change is real and caused by humans

believe that personal conservation habits can help prevent climate change

“When it comes to energy efficiency messaging, protecting the planet offers an inspirational angle that strictly personal benefits, like savings or comfort, can’t match.”
– Energy Pulse™ Special Report: Playing the Planet Card

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