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Energy Pulse 2015 Special Reports: The Smart Home Gender Gap and Five Reasons Utilities Should Get in the Game
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Smart homes are the future.

But if you’re a utility, builder, home product manufacturer, or app maker in the residential space, you need a smart home marketing strategy today. So for this year’s Energy Pulse™ study, we polled 2,000 American consumers about smart home technology to find out if and what they’ve purchased, how satisfied they are, what barriers make them reluctant to buy, how they feel about the technology and more. If you’re looking to move the needle in a market with huge potential, don’t miss our two special reports!

The Smart Home Gender Gap
What it is and how to bridge it

The smart home technology market is a sleeping giant – and no one’s sure exactly when it will awaken. Many market observers think the tipping point will be an advance in technology that proves impossible for consumers to resist. But we think market success may actually hinge on speaking credibly to an audience that has been largely overlooked: women. See what our research shows about the smart home gender gap: what it is and how to bridge it.

Smart Home Strategies for Utilities
Five reasons you should get in the game

The energy landscape is changing, and utilities are retooling old business models to include more products and services. Smart home technology is a natural fit, offering utilities unbeatable opportunities for increasing customer revenue and loyalty. But you’d never know it, judging by how slowly utilities are moving into the space. Our research shows that now is the time to act – and we’ve got five compelling reasons why.

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