When it comes to water conservation, are consumers...

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Eco Pulse™ 2016 Special Report
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It’s time for a bigger conversation about water.

There’s a global water crisis on the way – do consumers know? Will it move them to act? And will they reward brands that conserve water with their loyalty? We asked more than 2,000 American and Canadian consumers to tell us what they know about water conservation – and weigh in on their beliefs, perceptions and concerns about using water wisely.

What We Learned

  • How aware consumers are of global and national water issues
  • How much value consumers place on corporate water-saving initiatives
  • What consumers are doing at home to save water
  • Which water-saving products appeal most to them
  • What would move them to take more action

Given that most American and Canadian consumers pay only a few bucks every time they waste 1,000 gallons of water, saving money is a lousy reason to make difficult or expensive changes in water consumption, and consumers will need a better one to get on board.

  • – Eco Pulse™ 2016

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Eco Pulse tracks consumers’ changing expectations for the products they purchase and the companies that make them, offering market insights into how you can build brand value by leveraging your commitment to sustainability and CSR.

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