Are you turning consumers off with green jargon?

Eco Pulse 2015 Special Report:
The Buzz on Buzzwords
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The words you use really do matter.

For our Eco Pulse™ 2015 special report The Buzz on Buzzwords, we tested 11 popular green buzzwords to find out what consumers really know, what they think they know and how these words make them feel. Our findings have real implications for your marketing communications efforts – find out how to connect the language you’re using with what consumers really want.

What We Learned

  • Whether “green,” “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” have become mainstream terms – or still carry political baggage from the early environmental movement
  • Which consumers still don’t like the idea of “green” – and whether you should care
  • Which words give your product a “green halo” – and why that isn’t necessarily a good thing
  • Which words fall flat with consumers – and how you can bridge the gap between what turns them off and what turns them on

There’s an enormous opportunity out there to connect empty jargon with the things consumers really do care about – namely health. If your brand can do this effectively, the door to the marketplace is wide open.

  • The Buzz on Buzzwords
  • Eco Pulse 2015 Special Report
Here’s the full list of words we tested:
   Low carbon footprint
   Net zero
Don’t be afraid to be green.

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Eco Pulse tracks consumers’ changing expectations for the products they purchase and the companies that make them, offering market insights into how you can build brand value by leveraging your commitment to sustainability and CSR.

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