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Pulse Studies

You want data? We’ve got what you need – more than a decade’s worth of consumer insights – plus the wisdom we’ve acquired from hundreds of successful client engagements. We’re ready to share it and empower you to move forward with confidence. From deep dives on sustainability and EE topics to insights on specific consumer segments, our intelligence reports give you data that’s specific and actionable.

  • B2B Pulse™ – An in-depth analysis of the obstacles, motivators and drivers faced by today’s decision-makers within a variety of business segments
  • Eco Pulse™ – A deep dive illuminating the true market potential for green products and the messaging required to get them chosen at shelf
  • Energy Pulse™ – A glimpse into the lives of Americans and their energy consumption, attitudes and beliefs
  • Green Living Pulse™ – A download of what Americans really think/believe about sustainable lifestyles and the spheres of influence that motivate them to buy and behave more sustainably
  • Utility Pulse™ – A full analysis of consumer attitudes regarding energy efficiency, the latest programs and smart technology – and how those affect action