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Here are a few articles that feature Shelton Group’s insights and showcase our expertise on energy efficiency and sustainability:

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Press Releases

Energy Pulse™ 2014 Press Releases
Shelton Group Study Shows the Energy Industry is Up for Grabs (DEC. 2, 2014)

Eco Pulse 2014 Press Releases
The Curse of an Improving Economy
(JULY 29, 2014)
Survey: Fans More Likely to Attend Games, Buy Beer if Stadium Composts, Recycles the Trash Left Behind (JULY 14, 2014)

B2B Pulse™ 2014 Press Release
From CEOs to purchasing managers, business decision makers are people, too (JAN. 21, 2014)

Energy Pulse™ 2013 Press Releases
Shelton Group Survey: Homeowners Are Missing the Link Between Energy Efficiency & Home Value (NOV. 12, 2013)

Shelton Group Survey: Consumers Are Hopping Off the Efficiency Bandwagon (NOV. 12, 2013)

Eco Pulse™ 2013 Press Release
Goodbye Tree Huggers, Hello Brand Huggers (JUNE 26, 2013)

Shelton Group Launches New Site for Marketing Insights and Inspiration
Shelton Insights to be the Deepest Collection of Research & Marketing Trends in the Sustainability Industry (JUNE 4, 2013)

Suzanne Shelton to Discuss Sustainability Storytelling

Shelton Group to Present Alongside Grainger & Kohler at Sustainable Brands (MAY 30, 2013)

Lee Ann Head to Present The Power of Purpose

Shelton Group VP of Research to Participate in Sustainable Brands 2013 Research Roundtable (MAY 30, 2013)

Utility Pulse™ 2013 Press Release

Shelton Group Expands Expertise in New, Sustainable Space

Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk  (FEB. 27, 2013)

Eco Pulse™ 2012 Press Release

Americans’ Biggest ‘Green’ Guilt: Wasting Food, Survey Finds (AUG. 16, 2012)

Green Living Pulse™ 2012 Press Release

Survey Finds Getting Caught Throwing Trash out Window More Embarrassing Than Cheating on Taxes (MARCH 28, 2012)

Shelton Group Named Agency of Record for Toshiba LED Lighting

Shelton Group to shine light on Toshiba’s innovative new LED lighting (MARCH 1, 2012)

Energy Pulse™ 2011 Press Release

Survey Finds Despite Massive Spending by the Government and Utilities, Americans Not Hitting ‘Magic Number’ for Energy-Efficient Homes (NOV. 1, 2011)

Shelton Group Launches National Campaign

Shelton Group Launches National Campaign that Convinces Americans “Wasting Water is Weird” (AUG. 9, 2011)

Eco Pulse™ 2011 Press Releases

Survey Finds ‘Grown in the USA’ Surging in Popularity, Right Behind ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ (JUNE 24, 2011)

National Poll: One in Five Americans to Drive Less in Wake of BP Oil Spill (MAY 6, 2010)

Utility Pulse™ 2011 Press Release

Poll Finds New Incentives Needed to Persuade Americans to Make Their Homes More Energy Efficient (FEB. 7, 2011)